Amates Brocade Fabric - Ocean

Quick Overview

An artful handcrafted brocade fabric produced by our Maya master weavers.

This extraordinary textile is made on a backstrap loom in Guatemala by Maya artisans who embroider the intricate pattern as they weave the base cloth. Every element of the complex design is meticulously hand stitched, a process that takes up to a month to create a single panel.

We work with Maya weaving cooperatives in Guatemala to create these works of art on cloth. Our responsible approach supports the female weavers and promotes their incredible textile art.

100% cotton. Sold by the panel. Ethically produced.

Image shows a 30 x 30 cm section

Panels are available in two sizes:
30cm x 120cm (+2cm solid fabric on all sides)
48cm x 100cm (+2cm solid fabric on all sides)
Custom panels available upon request.

Due to the hand crafted characteristics there may be minor variations in size, pattern and colour, all of which tell a part of this distinctive fabrics journey.

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