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  • Visit us at Decorex during London Design Festival 2014

    Posted on 11/09/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    We will be showing at esteemed interiors fair Decorex in London 21-24th September 2014. A key feature of London Design Festival, Decorex brings together the finest brands across the interiors industry in the stunning location of Syon Park in south west London. To register for the show please follow this link.

    A Rum Fellow invites you to Decorex 2014 Stand A41

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  • A Rum Fellow in Liberty, London

    Posted on 11/09/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    We are pleased to announce that A Rum Fellow is now available in Liberty. Certainly one of the most beautiful stores in London, Liberty has a rich heritage having served the city's most discerning customers since 1875. Liberty London

    Drop in to see A Rum Fellow cushions and furniture in the interiors department on the top floor. Another great excuse to visit!

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  • Runge's Colour Sphere featured in Elle Decoration

    Posted on 16/07/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    We are very pleased that Elle Decoration have given a full page feature on our 'Single Colour Sphere' print in their current issue. As colour addicts ourselves we love the scientific arrangement of colours in his of paintings, and the man behind them is fascinating too (more below).

    Click on the images to view the prints in store.



    Romantic German artist Phillipp Otto Runge accomplished a great deal in a short life. A well respected painter, a poet, and a writer whose stories featured in Grimm's Fairy Tales. Above all this he was the pioneer of his age in the field colour.

    At the beginning of the 1800's Runge began exploring the range of possibilities of mixing yellow, red, and blue along with white and black. His aim was to test the limits of colour combinations and to map out the findings. This work resulted in his 'Farben-krugel' (colour sphere) a series of paintings that scientifically, and very beautifully, present the colour spectrum.


    Runge was struck by an early death just as his paper was published, and sadly never received the full recognition for his work. However we have these two colour sphere prints reproduced from his original paintings, a real treat for any colour addict! In addition to the series we have the beautiful 'Colour Star' print.

    Colour Star Low Res

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  • Futurismo Ancestral Exhibition at Somerset House

    Posted on 25/05/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    We went down to Somerset House yesterday to catch the Futurismo Ancestral exhibition. The collection of works by Barcelona-born graffiti artist Sixe Parades’ are his ode to Peruvian and Andean aesthetics. The show is brilliant, especially for fans of Peruvian culture, weaving, textiles art and especially colour. But it ends tomorrow, so head on down if you get a chance.

    If you can't make it down there are some of our favourite bits...

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  • The Maya Weavers of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Posted on 11/05/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    We have a collection of beautiful photographs of Maya weavers from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This magical lake is surrounded by three volcanoes and is home to some of the most skilled weavers in the world. A huge thank you to the wonderful photographer Daniel Lopez Perez for these captivating images. There are more photographs to come.

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  • The Colourful Life (& Death) in Guatemala

    Posted on 07/05/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    Every bit of Guatemalan life is colourful. The sun beams down on lush greenery with vibrant flowers abundant, ancient American school buses get the coolest flashy paint jobs imaginable (the original yellow is far too dull), and every person effortlessly pulls off wearing a kaleidoscope of colour that would likely get you arrested in France.

    We find that all this colour can brighten your outlook, it can liven up even the darker sides of life. The perfect example is this Guatemalan cemetery on the shore of Lake Atitlan. If I had the choice between ending up in a monochrome British graveyard or in this party cemetery, I know which I'd chose!


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