• Hopi Katsina Dolls

    Posted on 12/02/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    These cool figures are called Katsina dolls, the traditional spiritual carvings of the Hopi American Indians. Each doll represents a Katsinam, the spirit messengers of the universe which are central to Hopi beliefs. There are thought to be between 300-500 different Katsina spirits in the Hopi religion which all have their own representations.

    The dolls are carved by initiated tribesmen and given to Hopi girls at different stages of their childhood. Each katsina represents a spirit, some in the form of an animal such as a scorpion or snake, and others represent natural element such as rain or snow. Each doll is given at different points of a girls childhood to teach her about specific Hopi beliefs and traditions. The dolls are first given at infancy and then often presented by male dancers dressed as the same spirit during ceremonial dances.

    Our collection of dolls were made by master artist Vernon Mansfield who sadly passed away last month at nearly 80 years old. Vernon was part of a movement to revive the traditional style of the craft and we fell in love with his use of vivid colour and pattern in his work.

    The dolls are traditionally carved using the root of cottonwood trees which are significant to the Hopi as the roots seek out water which is in short supply in their arid southern lands. Each of these katsina is a unique piece of art that exemplifies the artistic skills and spiritual nature of the Hopi tribe.

    You can buy the dolls here.


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  • Robert Longo - YINGXIONG (HEROES)

    Posted on 06/02/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    American artist Robert Longo's YINGXIONG (HEROES) series of charcoal drawings. Amazing!  

    You can find more fantastic work on his website.

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  • Sand + Art + Sunshine

    Posted on 30/01/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    The grey of winter is making me dream of balmy days and bright sunshine. Perhaps a perfect mix of sunshine, beautiful coastline, and brilliant artwork all into one? Well there are artists around who are doing just this. These artists create huge artworks in the sand, making geometric and organic pieces. I love that the work lasts as long as the tide is out, all that creative effort goes into a momentary masterpiece.  Sam Dougados from France was winner of the 2012 sand art championship in Jersey. He approaches his work from a relaxed stand point, in most cases designing the piece as he goes along.

    Andres Amador from the USA incorporates the geography of a location within his designs.

    Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg has a more hightech approach using a huge moulded roller attached to a tractor to cover large area in an intricate pattern.   

    Andy Coutanche's tool of choice is his grandfathers 100 year old rake which he wields to  create intricate designs, some reminiscent of crop circle patterns.

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  • Our New Favourite Artist

    Posted on 17/01/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    Peter Carrington is a British artist who takes inspiration from old scientific journals, vintage books on zoology and geometry, he fuses these themes to create his own visual scientific language. You can see Peter Carringtons amazing work in-store here.

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  • New Cushions!

    Posted on 12/01/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    We have brand new A Rum Fellow cushions in store. These mountain cushions are made using the most intricately hand woven textiles found in the mountains of Peru. The incredible skill of traditional weavers starts with hours of careful planning, with hundreds of coloured threads it is an impossible task for anyone but the most highly skilled of weavers.

    It takes weeks to produce the highly ornate patterns in the traditional method with painstaking attention to detail. The weavers of these textiles are true artists who pass on their cultural heritage within the story of the weave. 

    See the cushions in-store here.


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  • Elephant Family

    Posted on 14/12/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    I had the enormous pleasure of a Christmas feast with all the lovely people at Elephant Family last night. The charity works to protect Indian elephants and conserve their habitats. They do the most creative and wonderful campaigns raising awareness and funds through exciting public art events. Having already brightened up London with Elephant Parade and The Big Egg Hunt, they have something very special up their sleeve for this summer. Check out the Elephant Family website, sign the petition and support their important cause!

    A huge thank you to Ruth Powys and Mahout Mark Shand for hosting a splendid evening!

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