• Custom Design Service

    Posted on 13/09/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    Here at A Rum Fellow we love to design, collaborate and create. We offer a custom design service to individuals and interior designer companies seeking unique items with exceptional design, quality and provenance. We source furniture and other items from across Europe, we work with you on a design and colour palette for a bespoke fabric which is then handwoven or hand-embroidered by Peruvian tribal artisans. We can then upholster or sew to transform the fabulous textiles into truly beautiful pieces that will become instant heirlooms.

    Here our weavers are holding a custom design which will be handwoven and then upholstered on a set of 8 dining chairs for an interior design client.

    We work with a cooperative of female artisans who are arguably the best in world at what they do. These women live and breath wool, and are engaged in every process from rearing animals, spinning the wool, naturally dying the yarn, and finally hand weaving the wool. Despite their wonderful talents these rural communities live in poverty, living in challenging environments with limited access to markets. By working directly with the women, by supporting and promoting their incredible work, we can help them lift themselves out of poverty. Putting capital in the hands of these women is an important step towards alleviating their poverty and achieving a quality sustainable livelihood.

    If you are interested in a custom item please contact us at general@arumfellow.com

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  • Take A Seat!

    Posted on 13/09/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    We are very excited to release a new collection of chairs. We have used the finest of Danish mid-century elegance and combined it with a millennia of Quechua tribal weaving heritage. The resulting pieces are truly unique, and are certain to be the talking point of any room. Click the images to see the chairs in-store.

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  • We have Popped-Up in Piccadilly Circus

    Posted on 27/08/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    This week we have a pop-up shop on Piccadilly Circus in central London! We have this amazing space for one week sharing with 9 other fantastic British brands. The pop-up is a showcase for the best of emerging British entrepreneurs. Come and peruse our collections including our cushions, terrariums, N16 ceramics and lots more. The selection in the pop-up spans home decor, fashion, accessories and fine chocolate, making it a must to visit. The store runs until Sunday 1st September, so don't dilly dally, and pop on down!

    The pop-up shop is located at 213 Piccadilly, W1. Opening hours are from 10am - 8pm daily (we're positioned extremely close to the Circus, south side of the road).



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  • Butterflies have landed

    Posted on 13/08/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    A selection of bright and beautiful butterflies have landed in-store. These are tropical butterflies selected for the remarkable colours and patterns of their wings. They are set on a black mount with a white highlight detail, the wood is a very dark brown/near black box frame. Prices are £35 and £55 for the large Blue Morpho. Click on the images to see them in-store.

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  • Naturally Dying Fabric In The Amazon Jungle - A How To

    Posted on 25/07/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    The Shipibo people of the Amazon rainforest in Peru are experts at using the plants and trees around them for a multitude of purposes. Maria is head of the cooperative we work with to produce our Shipibo cushions, we asked her to show us how she achieves the beautiful natural colours, and here is her step by step guide on how to achieve naturally dyed brown cotton deep in the jungle.  

    First you have to find a Caoba tree and remove some bark. 

    Build a fire and boil some river water up in a large pot.

    Add the Caoba bark and simmer until water is nice and brown. 


    Remove the pot from the fire and and add your natural cotton. 

    Dunk it, soak it

    Then dry it in the sunshine.

    After some serious embroidery here is the result. These large cushions are constructed in England with contrast piping, grey marled wool backing, and filled with duck feather.   

    Manati Cushion measures a generous 65 x 55 cm and is available here.

    The Ucayali Cushion measures 50 x 50 cm, it is available here.

    The Napo Cushion measures 50 50 cm and is available here. 

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  • N16 Collection - Ceramics Studio

    Posted on 17/04/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    I caught up with Lesley McShea at her ceramic studio in the heart of Stoke Newington, London. We have collaborated with Lesley to make the N16 Collection of bright, bold, and characterful ceramics. The vases are here and there will be more to come!  I love having a nosy around a creative workspace, its so fascinating to see a world of tools and equipment that are new to me.

    You can buy our first two vases from the N16 Collection here

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