Rare Bird Street Art by ATM

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ATM is a London based street artist who paints rare British bird species across the London to highlight the need to preserve our native populations. We're lucky enough to have a few of his pieces in our neighbourhood and we love them! The vibrant paintings stand up to 3 metres tall and make a huge impact, they depict native species such as the lapwing or the bustard whose populations have been obliterated by habitat destruction or hunting. Beautiful artwork and a super important message...here are some images for you to enjoy. You can follow ATM here with these links to his facebook, twitter and instagram.

untitled (373 of 753)Heron, Turnpike Lane, Harringey.

1475845_1376928245893673_1928932718_nPartridge, Acton, London.

wp_20150627_15_24_11_proLinnet. Leeds.

1486742_189641804563510_616941526_n Barn Owl, South Acton, London.

1526379_1390558817863949_2137784972_n Jay. South Acton, London.

photo 1 The man himself at work on a Bullfinch in Haringey, London. I was lucky enough to pass while he was painting this piece, lovely guy. photoGreat Bustard. Whitechapel, London.


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