Stories Behind The Scheme

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Looking for inspiration? Here is a scheme idea to get you started. Behind each of our designs there is a story, a skilled artisan, and a beautiful craft. We share part of these stories here and hope they inspire you as much as they have us.Scheming Flat B2

Catarina Artisan Ikat Fabric - Black. £95/metre. Watch how this extraordinary fabric is hand crafted here.

Coyolate Brocade Bolster Cushion. £225. Watch our Maya master artisans weaving our brocade fabrics here. 

Nenton Handwoven 'Falseria' Fabric. £185/metre. Watch master weaver Marcello hand weaving this fabric.

Moho Handwoven 'Falseria' Fabric - Black. £165/metre. Watch master weaver Marcello hand weaving this fabric.

Natural Dye Wool Blanket - Aqua. £195. See images below of master artisan Luis who grows the natural dyes, spins the wool, dyes, and hand-weaves our blankets on his homestead in the highlands of Guatemala.

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