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  • Sand + Art + Sunshine

    Posted on 30/01/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    The grey of winter is making me dream of balmy days and bright sunshine. Perhaps a perfect mix of sunshine, beautiful coastline, and brilliant artwork all into one? Well there are artists around who are doing just this. These artists create huge artworks in the sand, making geometric and organic pieces. I love that the work lasts as long as the tide is out, all that creative effort goes into a momentary masterpiece.  Sam Dougados from France was winner of the 2012 sand art championship in Jersey. He approaches his work from a relaxed stand point, in most cases designing the piece as he goes along.

    Andres Amador from the USA incorporates the geography of a location within his designs.

    Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg has a more hightech approach using a huge moulded roller attached to a tractor to cover large area in an intricate pattern.   

    Andy Coutanche's tool of choice is his grandfathers 100 year old rake which he wields to  create intricate designs, some reminiscent of crop circle patterns.

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