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  • Thread and jungles "Ayahuasca Quilting"

    Posted on 10/09/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    Completely cut off by roads in the northern jungle of Peru we discovered some jaw dropping hand embroidered textiles and some very lovely people. Completely different in style to other parts of Peru these intense embroidered and hand painted designs combine jungle flora with geometric patterns. The story behind each design is as exotic as the jungle.

    Inspiration comes from the visions experienced during Ayahuasca healing ceremonies held deep in the forest. The hallucinogenic inspiration is all clear in the vibrant colours and maze of patterns. The designs and techniques have been passed down through the generations and are still recreated and worn by the tribes today. Among the selection we collected we struck gold in finding these larger textiles which could only be destined for glory.

    Here at A Rum Fellow we love nothing more than mixing age old traditional styles and techniques to create something new. In this case fusing the traditions of two very different cultures; British quilting and Amazonian tribal textiles. We decided the colourful intensity of these Amazonian textiles would perfectly transform into quilts and carry a taste of the rich tropical jungle into any room.

    Even though the emphasis was on the Peruvian panels, we wanted to make sure that the underside of the quilts had something to say too. In keeping with the fearless use of colour our Amazonian friends are born with, it felt right to use bright colours on the back and add geometric highlights.

    A couple of finished pieces from the collection bringing a taste of the jungle home.

    Available on our website here.

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  • Embroidered Visions

    Posted on 19/07/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    Suddenly we have been surrounded by a whole new style of thread and fibre…and we love it. After hearing a rumours of the style of Amazonian textiles we travelled deep into the Peruvian jungle and up the Amazon river.  Search and you will find- the discoveries were worth the potholes, bumpy river boats and the constant humidity.

    Gone were the hand looms in courtyards, here the ladies were deep involved with the needle and thread working on "visions".

    Striking geomectrics link together like jigsaw puzzle pieces and slot around the trailing jungle plants or flowers. Just like in Southern Peru the textile designs focus on icons important to the natives. In the jungle it is the plants which are highly valued as for every ailment they believe there is a leafy cure.

    Good job we love a good story as there is always one to tell in Peruvian textiles. The intense maze of designs captures the hallucinogenic visions seen by the Amazonian tribes when they first developed Ayahuasca heeling ceremonies. The designs have been passed down through the generations and are still recreated by the tribes talented ladies today. Even when fixed in thread the designs almost start moving out of the cloth.

    The lovely Sara and Angela (below) are the talented embroideries of all the amazing pieces photographed in this post…they do love colour! Thanks to them we are once again straining under the extra weight of a grand lot of stunning textiles.

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