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  • A Few Highlights From London Design Festival 14

    Posted on 15/10/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    London Design Festival 2014 was once again crammed full of creative events across the capital. We didn't have the opportunity to see as much as we'd like as we were preparing for Decocrex.  However here are a few snippets of design talent that bowled us over.

    Artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox explored the future of travel at the London Design Festival by designing a Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car, or Mini Cathedral for short.  Covering the outer shell of the vehicle in fantastic, colourful, geometric stained glass patterns. What a wonderful way to travel around – bring on the Future!Dominic Wilcox  Stained Glass Car

    “A Child’s Dream” charity project in Design Junction showed a magical room full of white balloons and colourful products. The space was created in partnership with two renowned British brands – Anglepoise and Ecrol, and involved 19 leading designers interpreting classic products. All the pieces were auctioned off for Teddy’s Wish, a charity supporting families and research into the causes behind SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Walking into the space through the balloons and coloured chairs felt like walking in a dreamy cloud with magical, floating patterned furniture. Loved it!

    LDF14 -2

    LDF14 -3

    “A Place Called Home” took over Trafalgar Square, where 4 chosen artists and designers created an installation around the question “what makes a house a home?”. Jasper Morrison’s was a comical interpretation of a pigeon fancier’s house because, as he said, “who else would choose to live in Trafalgar Square?” Patternity, on the other hand, created a fun and striking installation that reflected the surroundings around through repeating pattern. Both the inside and the outside showed large kaleidoscopic prints whilst visitors could spin a wheel to reveal optical illusions created through refracted light. A beautiful and unique outlook on the surroundings of Trafalgar Square!

    LDF14 -4

    David David’s eye-catching work could be seen at both Design Junction and in the Exhibition Road tunnel to the V&A Museum. More than 1,700 custom-made printed tiles were used to complete this installation! Islamic geometrics and traditional British Design inspired this collaboration between Johnson Tiles and David David. The London Design Festival is always one of the most important dates in the design calendar and we reckon that this colourful installation, known as ‘Carousel Wall', was one of this years most exciting and dazzling exhibits.

    LDF14 -5

    LDF14 -6

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  • Runge's Colour Sphere featured in Elle Decoration

    Posted on 16/07/2014 by A Rum Fellow

    We are very pleased that Elle Decoration have given a full page feature on our 'Single Colour Sphere' print in their current issue. As colour addicts ourselves we love the scientific arrangement of colours in his of paintings, and the man behind them is fascinating too (more below).

    Click on the images to view the prints in store.



    Romantic German artist Phillipp Otto Runge accomplished a great deal in a short life. A well respected painter, a poet, and a writer whose stories featured in Grimm's Fairy Tales. Above all this he was the pioneer of his age in the field colour.

    At the beginning of the 1800's Runge began exploring the range of possibilities of mixing yellow, red, and blue along with white and black. His aim was to test the limits of colour combinations and to map out the findings. This work resulted in his 'Farben-krugel' (colour sphere) a series of paintings that scientifically, and very beautifully, present the colour spectrum.


    Runge was struck by an early death just as his paper was published, and sadly never received the full recognition for his work. However we have these two colour sphere prints reproduced from his original paintings, a real treat for any colour addict! In addition to the series we have the beautiful 'Colour Star' print.

    Colour Star Low Res

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  • Anatomical Drawings & Book Art In-store

    Posted on 27/11/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    We have some new artwork in store. Illustrated over 170 years ago these anatomical drawings were made in London by a W. Bragg.  Drawn 'from nature', they are genuine articles of medical history. See more of this image here.

    See more of this image here.

    We also have this Folded Page Book art which has been mounted so it jumps out from the wall creating a 3 dimensional effect.

    Check this out in-store here.

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  • Lightbulb Oil Lamp - by Sergio Silva

    Posted on 23/11/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    We are loving this enlightened idea by artist Sergia Silva. A perfect meeting of old and new, simplicity and beauty.

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  • A Very Secret Artist

    Posted on 21/11/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    These are not computer designed but the amazing hand drawn artwork of American Eugene Andolsek. The intensely colourful and intricate works were created by Andolsek starting in the 1950's as a calming pastime. Using a black pen, graph paper, a compass and coloured markers he created piece after piece without even considering them as art. It wasn't until the end of his life that a care worker found his trove of incredible work and brought it to wider attention. Just before his death in 2008 Eugene Andolsek's work was part of an exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum. Over a 60 year period he produced around 2000 works which had never been on display, just hidden away in cupboards and old trunks. He was a truly secret artist.

    You can read and view more of his work here.


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  • Water to Wall

    Posted on 02/11/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    We took some vintage oars and gave them A Rum Fellow makeover. We mixed some of our favourite elements of wood, copper, bright colours and geometrics. Some maritime style perfect for any wall.

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