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  • Nuevos Tejidos

    Posted on 21/02/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    We just received some new textiles from Peru. The fabrics are made in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, the geometric figures and bright colors are typical from of the area. The technique they use is called 'telar de cintura' or backstrap weaving in english, each piece can take up to a month to make!


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  • New Cushions!

    Posted on 12/01/2013 by A Rum Fellow

    We have brand new A Rum Fellow cushions in store. These mountain cushions are made using the most intricately hand woven textiles found in the mountains of Peru. The incredible skill of traditional weavers starts with hours of careful planning, with hundreds of coloured threads it is an impossible task for anyone but the most highly skilled of weavers.

    It takes weeks to produce the highly ornate patterns in the traditional method with painstaking attention to detail. The weavers of these textiles are true artists who pass on their cultural heritage within the story of the weave. 

    See the cushions in-store here.


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  • Wrapping It Up Peruvian Style

    Posted on 29/11/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    We have some multi coloured ribbon from Peru to  help you brighten up your presents. These are wrapped around an antique peg, so after all that giving you get a little present too!

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  • Embroidered Visions

    Posted on 19/07/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    Suddenly we have been surrounded by a whole new style of thread and fibre…and we love it. After hearing a rumours of the style of Amazonian textiles we travelled deep into the Peruvian jungle and up the Amazon river.  Search and you will find- the discoveries were worth the potholes, bumpy river boats and the constant humidity.

    Gone were the hand looms in courtyards, here the ladies were deep involved with the needle and thread working on "visions".

    Striking geomectrics link together like jigsaw puzzle pieces and slot around the trailing jungle plants or flowers. Just like in Southern Peru the textile designs focus on icons important to the natives. In the jungle it is the plants which are highly valued as for every ailment they believe there is a leafy cure.

    Good job we love a good story as there is always one to tell in Peruvian textiles. The intense maze of designs captures the hallucinogenic visions seen by the Amazonian tribes when they first developed Ayahuasca heeling ceremonies. The designs have been passed down through the generations and are still recreated by the tribes talented ladies today. Even when fixed in thread the designs almost start moving out of the cloth.

    The lovely Sara and Angela (below) are the talented embroideries of all the amazing pieces photographed in this post…they do love colour! Thanks to them we are once again straining under the extra weight of a grand lot of stunning textiles.

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  • Geo's and Andean animals

    Posted on 24/06/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    We have again been floored, this time by the Peruvian hand weavers and their fearless use of colours.

    Peru is a culture rich country with a deep and vibrant history so there is plenty for all the weaving villages to draw on. Inca and indigeous decoration/artwork was very much geometric based so this has filtered into the textiles. The geometric diamond formations sit back with other significant icons- Pumas, Condors, Llamas and Pachamama (goddess of the indigenous people of the Andes aka Mother Earth).

    With so many hands well taught through the years in the art of weaving we were bound to make some amazing finds. And how could we say no to Geo's mixed with Andean animals?!

    These are just a taster of what we found as needless to say we came away with our hands full..the list of projects for our return are adding up!

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  • Peruvian Rugs...worth the wait

    Posted on 12/06/2012 by A Rum Fellow


    It's been a bit quiet on the rug front for us lately, we were starting to get withdrawal symptoms until we hit Peru. We left the city lights for the valleys and found some stunning vintage sheep wool rugs. These are all amazingly hand woven with no two the same. This is just a little taster to wet the appetite of what we've picked up. The traditional diamond patterns hold cultural significance to the region, and tugs on our geometric heart strings...one of these will be adorning our own wood floor boards for sure!

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