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  • The machines which were built to last

    Posted on 28/08/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    We have a new member in the studio, well actually it is quite old but we are more than a little bit love struck with it. This beautiful Singer is admittedly a beast to lift but its hardiness has stood the test of time.

    Although we were already fully set up with machines when my Grandma very kindly offered me this one... how could I ever resist? Built in my opinion how sewing machines should be, with a belted motor and metal parts it not only fills every nook and cranny of my mid century love, it is as sturdy as they come and can take on the toughest of fabric.

    Back in the early 1950's, when she was not out on the fields, or cooking up her notorious stew and dumplings my Grandma was a keen sewer and decided to take the leap into the new world of electrical sewing machines. As I have been told many a times, back then if the money was not in your purse you did not not buy it. One summer, to raise the funds Grandma bought 20 turkey chicks, then on her own in a corner of the farm land, she raised them and eventually sold them for Christmas. With more than enough money in her purse she bought this sewing machine. This successful money raiser  did not go unnoticed by my Grandad and the next year he took over and bought 100 turkeys. A couple of generations later there are 2500 free range turkeys running around whenever I return home. The picture below is my Grandma in the fifties a few years after she had brought turkeys to the farm for the first time.

    I have been working on a quilt collection using some of the hand embroidered fabrics we discovered in Peru which were inspired by the jungle surroundings. As the Singer sat there staring at me in its perfect combination of wood and hearty metal it was irresistible. I cleaned it up (didn't need much cleaning as it had only the one careful owner) and gave it an oil. It ran so smooth and 'they don't make them like they used to' was ringing in my ears. I switched entirely to the singer for this collection and someone will have to tear me away from it.

    A post on the quilts will be coming soon but here is a little taster of the quilted jungle vines.

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