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    Posted on 09/06/2012 by A Rum Fellow

    The Salt Hostel perched on the edge of Salar Uyuni in Bolivia has taken our salt addiction to new levels. We've already turned into salt junkies due to the huge quantities of the stuff in all food, and now we've discovered the world can be made of salt too.

    An area of pure white salt flats, half the size of Belgium, and 400ft deep, is the source of this new addiction. The salt is cut into brick shapes for construction, or harvested into coned piles ready for purifying and chips.

    The minimalist all white style is mesmerising in this pure white palace and the perfect setting for the local vibrant textiles.

    Oops, cheeky.

    Taking the term Salt Hostel to the extreme, salt crystals line all the floors, even the bedrooms. The walls, tables, stools and beds are made entirely from large salt bricks skilfully joined together with salty cement. Salt is much more than pepper's guilty friend.

    Who knew.

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