The Favela Painting Project

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The Favela Painting project started in 2005 when dutch artists Haas&Hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn) had the idea of creating public artworks in favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Not just to beautify, but also to create a dialogue with their surroundings. Now they want to paint an entire favela covering a hillside above the city. They have a kickstarter page and aim to raise $100k to get the project going in 2014. More than just creating the worlds largest artwork, the project will repair and re-plaster buildings, train and engage the community, and ultimately transform one of Rio's poorest neighbourhoods.

The duo at Santa Marta favela which was painted in 2010 by a team of 25 in just one month. It has rapidly changed from a dangerous area to a popular tourist destination.

In 2008 the duo teamed with a famous tattooist to make this Japanese inspired design. Sprawling over exposed concrete that protects the hill from landslides, the work took 8 months to achieve.

Support this amazing project here, and next time you visit Rio de Janeiro you can feel pretty satisfied with yourself as you enjoy the spectacular view. The kickstarter finishes 31st October.

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