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New Palopo Collection

A Rum Fellow

The new Palopo Ruffle by A Rum Fellow is a hyper textural fabric created entirely by hand on a treadle loom. This rich and exuberant fabric is ethically woven by A Rum Fellow’s Maya master weavers. It has taken the design team over a year to perfect and is achieved through a complex combination of elements using a variety of yarn widths and textures, ruching, colour blocking, and stripe placements. “inspiration for the Palopo Ruffle was to create a fabric that magnifies the tactile qualities of hand woven fabrics” explains Creative Director Caroline Lindsell. The fabric accentuates the three dimensional nature of hand woven textiles to dramatic effect. Designed for upholstery and interior projects, Palopo Ruffle is sold by the meter comes pre treated to commercial upholstery fire safety standards.


New Izapa Collection

A Rum Fellow

Izapa is a new collection of designs by A Rum Fellow studio inspired by ancient Mayan architecture and the recent discovery of a huge lost kingdom beneath the Guatemalan jungle. The Izapa collection reimagines these networks of geometric stepped structures lying hidden under thick forest. Comprising of traditionally woven Maya brocade fabrics, cushions, and artisan rugs.


A Rum Fellow Impact - Visit to Guatemala August 2018

A Rum Fellow


A Rum Fellow is a design studio with a focus on using traditional methods and ethical practices to create outstanding textiles. The studio focus on small batch production of hand woven textiles and rugs. Their aim is to help change lives through ethical partnerships with extraordinary artisans, working with weaving cooperatives and social enterprises paying a really good price and also supporting artisans with training and other programs.

A Rum Fellow has been working with female Maya weaving cooperatives in Guatemala for 5 years helping to support and promote fantastic artisans and preserve the ancient art of Maya brocade weaving. The impacts of A Rum Fellow’s work can be seen in the cooperaitive in Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan where the women are now better paid and have more consistent income that their husbands, who now support the women by helping with the setting up of looms, house chores and child care. “This change is very important to A Rum Fellow” explains co-founder Dylan O’Shea “as it helps preserve the art of Maya weaving for the future. It has led to women being empowered as they earn a great income using their weaving skills, they have the flexibility to maintain young families whilst earning too as they weave from home, and even the patriarchal balance of the community has shifted in a really positive way.” It has meant the men no longer have to leave their families for months at time to seek work on fruit picking farms in neighboring countries. The Maya artisans are now able educate their children and support their family through their weaving.

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New Duality Stripe Rug

A Rum Fellow

Its the a new year and its lovely to receive brand new samples. We're absolutely in LOVE with the Duality Stripe Rug and especially this blush colourway. The design is formed from a slightly raised bamboo cut pile that is extremely soft and silky and combined with a loop wool. This tufted rug is made to order and the colours can be customised to suit your space, and so too can the width of the stripe.


London Design Festival

A Rum Fellow

There is so so much going on during London Design Festival that it is nearly impossible to see it all. For us it is a very busy period with the exciting Decorex show, so we dont quite get enough time to enjoy the festival as much as we would like.  With every area of the capital presenting incredible events and so much inspiring design it would be great to take a week off to explore it all at a relaxed pace. Maybe one day! However here are a few things we saw and loved (and managed to take a photo of)...