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London Design Festival

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There is so so much going on during London Design Festival that it is nearly impossible to see it all. For us it is a very busy period with the exciting Decorex show, so we dont quite get enough time to enjoy the festival as much as we would like.  With every area of the capital presenting incredible events and so much inspiring design it would be great to take a week off to explore it all at a relaxed pace. Maybe one day! However here are a few things we saw and loved (and managed to take a photo of)...

Tom Raffield Collaboration

A Rum Fellow

In a partnership celebrating skilled craftmanship, innovative design and sustainable making practices, the Tom Raffield x A Rum Fellow collaboration brings together a select range of Tom Raffield’s signature steam-bent upholstered furniture designs with our eye-catching indigo Ikat fabric. Inspired by a shared appreciation of traditional craft fused with contemporary design, the designs incorporate Tom Raffield’s innovative and low-energy form of steam bending with A Rum Fellow’s ethically sourced Ikat fabric which is made by and supportive of Guatemalan weaving cooperatives. The result: feel-good statement pieces that captivate the room. 

Happy International Women's day!

A Rum Fellow

Happy International Women's Day!!! Love this shot of our amazing weavers laughing, giggling and full of pride as we show them on the iPad all the wonderful furniture & accessories we make with their brocade textiles. Each lady can recognise their own weaving handwriting and gets super excited and animated when they spot theirs on a chair or in a room. These ladies are some of the most highly skilled textile artists in the world and we salute them! 


Go Design Go Interview: A Rum Fellow x Pollack

A Rum Fellow

Weaving Across The Pond: A Rum Fellow Discusses New Collection With Pollack

Fabric houses and furniture manufacturers produce beautiful products time and time again with the help of their in-house design teams, but when outside talent is commissioned, an interesting collaboration is guaranteed. New this spring is a joint effort between New York City–based textile company Pollack and London design studio A Rum Fellow. Despite being an ocean apart, the two teams joined forces to produce a bold indoor/outdoor collection in five patterns and 25 colorways.GDG got the chance to speak with A Rum Fellow co-founder Dylan O’Shea about pulling inspiration from Mayan heritage and what it was like to collaborate with Pollack.

Design News: Pollack x A Rum Fellow Launch

A Rum Fellow

We have designed a collection of Indoor / Outdoor fabrics for luxury New York textile house Pollack. After meeting at London Design Festival 2015 we were struck by their passion and enthusiasm and we're really excited when they asked us to design a collection for them. We jumped at the opportunity to translate our vibrant weaves into high-performance fabrics suitable for outdoor use, something impossible to achieve by traditional weaving and natural fibres.

Pattern and colour animate this new indoor/outdoor line, celebrating intricate geometric motifs and joyful hues, whilst the fabrics have the durability and versatility that befits a modern lifestyle. The textiles are available in five patterns and 25 vibrant colorways. The collection is available from Altfield in the UK and Pollack in the USA.

Behind The Scenes with Pollack X ARF

A Rum Fellow

As our collaboration with luxury New York textile studio Pollack is set to have its official launch tomorrow we thought we'd share some pictures of the design process and how it developed. We met Rachel and Brad (Design & Sales vice presidents respectively) at Decorex during London Design Festival in 2015.  We were bowled over by their passion and enthusiasm, the designs and attention to detail in their collections, and so we were thrilled when they invited us to collaborate with Pollack. We decided upon a range of outdoor fabrics, something impossible to achieve by our normal artisanal methods, so it was a great opportunity to realise the A Rum Fellow design style in beautiful and hard waring woven fabrics. The design process brought the Pollack team to London, and then for the final colour selection we went to their NY head offices. Working with Pollack has been inspiring, interesting and a whole lot of fun.

This new indoor/outdoor line celebrates intricate geometric motifs and joyful colors, and imbues the fabrics with the durability and versatility that befits a modern lifestyle. The textiles are available in five patterns and 25 festive colourways. Available from Altfield in UK, and Pollack in the USA.