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‘Weavers of the Clouds’ at the Fashion Textile Museum, London

A Rum Fellow is proud to be featured in the Fashion & Textile Museum’s latest exhibition ‘Weavers of the Clouds‘ , highlighting the continuing influence of Peru on international design.
The wall hanging and cushions were designed by A Rum Fellow and handwoven in collaboration with Threads of Peru, by members of their Munay Urpi weaving coop, from Huaran in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Peru.

Weavers of the Clouds brings the captivating art and textiles of Peru to the UK, showcasing some of the world’s oldest and most colourful designs. The exhibition features rarely seen objects from private collections and national museums, including full costumes, tapestries, paintings, photographs, illustrations and accessories. Weavers of the Clouds examines the vibrant applied crafts, heritage and traditions of Peru, celebrating the culture and customs of the artisan and their influence on design, fashion and beyond.

Exhibition highlights will include a 16th century Quipu – knotted fibres used by the Incas as aform of communication – and a four cornered hat, dating from 600 AD. A rare pre-Hispanictunic created in orange, yellow and blue macaw feathers is displayed alongside a sequinedwaistcoat emblazoned with birds and flowers and a Shipibo costume from the Amazon Rainforest,embroidered to reflect the astrological map.

Weavers of the Clouds: Textile Arts of Peru is at The Fashion and Textile Museum from 21 June – 8September 2019

Left: The dying and hand weaving process to create textile panels for the A Rum Fellow exhibition pieces . Below: Image courtesy of the Fashion Textile Museum/ Marta Tucci

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