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Our Ikat fabric is crafted by hand using traditional methods by Maya artisans in Guatemala. Ikat weaving is achieved in different cultures around the world and known by different names, in Guatemala this weaving tradition is called ‘Jaspe’.

The process starts by binding a pattern into the yarn, these super tight knots cover what will eventually be the lighter colour of the fabric. It is then hand dyed and left to dry in the Guatemalan sunshine. When the binds are carefully untied the patten starts to appear, all the yarns are then carefully realigned, a painstaking process to reorder each thread prior to setting up the loom. The yarn is then set onto a pedal loom and woven.

The characteristics of an authentic Ikat are the results if this handcrafted process, the distinctive organic nature of the pattern placement and feathered design where the dye seeps in at the edge of the binds during the dying process. There are many printed Ikat interpretations out there but they don’t have these beautiful handcrafted qualities.

 We are working with a weaving cooperative in Guatemala to create these fabrics.

ikat lifestyle
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