A Rum Fellow

Designers & Creators Dedicated to Artisan Made Rugs & Textiles


A Rum Fellow is a London based design studio dedicated to artisan textiles & creating statement interior pieces. Creating a fine balance of contemporary and heritage design infused into collections that will captivate the room.

A Rum Fellow was founded by Caroline Lindsell and Dylan O’Shea, a partnership that fuses a desire for beautifully crafted and well-travelled design befitting our contemporary lifestyle. In the spirit of the intrepid British explorers, we traverse the globe in search of the wonderful and unique. We periodically introduce collections inspired by an explored country, taking in that region’s finest traditional design and translating it into our own uncommon style.

We founded the business on 3 principals - Design, Quality and Integrity. Our foremost intention is to design extraordinary products with unique qualities, at once sympathetic to their heritage whilst achieving a timeless aesthetic. We relish exploring the ends of the earth to discover world class artisans with whom to work. Each element of a product is made by an expert in their discipline, by matching the most skilled Maya textile artists with the finest furniture makers in England we achieve an unparalleled quality throughout our collections.

A Rum Fellow is rooted in the design we love, the values we hold, and a firm belief that beautiful design can be a force for positive change. We celebrate and support our incredible artisans by working direct and with weaving cooperatives and social enterprises.

We design, produce & source for private and commercial clients. Get in touch for your project, we'd love to explore it.


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