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March 2017


As our collaboration with luxury New York textile studio Pollack is set to have its official launch tomorrow we thought we'd share some pictures of the design process and how it developed. We met Rachel and Brad (Design & Sales vice presidents respectively) at Decorex during London Design Festival in 2015.  We were bowled over by their passion and enthusiasm, the designs and attention to detail in their collections, and so we were thrilled when they invited us to collaborate with Pollack. We decided upon a range of outdoor fabrics, something impossible to achieve by our normal artisanal methods, so it was a great opportunity to realise the A Rum Fellow design style in beautiful and hard waring woven fabrics. The design process brought the Pollack team to London, and then for the final colour selection we went to their NY head offices. Working with Pollack has been inspiring, interesting and a whole lot of fun.

This new indoor/outdoor line celebrates intricate geometric motifs and joyful colors, and imbues the fabrics with the durability and versatility that befits a modern lifestyle. The textiles are available in five patterns and 25 festive colourways. Available from Altfield in UK, and Pollack in the USA.